So this all started out about a year ago when Alex Hillman posted on Indy Hall's forum asking if anyone wanted to co-sponsor Ela Conf with him. It was an incredible idea—crowdfunding was something that I never thought about when it came to conference sponsorships.

When 2017 rolled around, I was thinking that maybe we could do it again so Alex gave me the greenlight to organize this one. So I sent out a post to Indy Hall, my co-workers, Facebook and Twitter.

My original post wasn't very personal at first so it was mostly only Chris Morrell who had donated at that point. What an awesome dude. But then I started to make more personal emails and Slack posts so that's when we started to get donations. I love how the Internet can unite us together: We got donations from Marcos Campal, a co-worker from Uruguay, and then from Maria Grazia Alastra, another friend and co-worker who lives in Canada.

Good Philly friends Pamela Selle AKA Pamsaur or Pamster, Olivia Haas, and Katel Ledu AKA Hugo's Mom (even though A Book Apart was already a sponsor!) also donated and I love you guys for that. It really got the jawn rolling. Peter Frank of also donated and I've never even met him before! New Yorkers can be cool too, ya know.

We were actually a few hundred dollars short from our goal, and nothing short of a miracle happened. My friends Ernesto Tagwerker from OmbuLabs and Jonathan Tehrani swooped in and that actually got us beyond the thousand-dollar mark.

Thank you, everyone!

Jag Talon